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Why Luach Nissan?

The Nissan board is a digital board for synagogues and institutions, with the most advanced software in the world.
The board displays all the information that the synagogue needs to know and even more, and everything is displayed in spectacular backgrounds to choose from, adapted to all dates and times in the cycle of the year, in clear and large, easy-to-read type.
The board will display prayer times and lessons, times of the day, daily laws, commemoration of the deceased, the rejoicing of the righteous, synagogue announcements and much more information and features to choose from.
A smart system, yet easy and friendly to use, a system that will automatically update after an initial update, and will save the tax collectors a lot of time calculating times and pasting ads and signs to the synagogue, the management is done from any device and anywhere in the world.
And now also a digital board system intended for institutions, with many dedicated options, including sending automatic messages to donors and more.
The digital board system is purchased with a one-time payment! which includes a computer, software, screen with or without a frame, installation and individual and personal training, characterization and initial update, and you receive constant technical support and the following regular updates, at no extra charge at all.

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בית הכנסת בני הישיבות, חיפה, ישראל
בית הכנסת ישורון, תל אביב, ישראל
בית הכנסת ישורון, תל אביב, ישראל

Screens Type

Screen Types

Only in Luach Nissan you can find a variety of backgrounds to choose from according to denomination.

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More from Luach Nissan


An application for worshipers, which connects all members of the community and updates them with prayers, classes, new events, commemorates their relatives and more.

Shekel HaKodesh

Innovative synagogue management software that helps in all matters of financial management, with the help of automatic reminders for the system and community members, management of fees and more.
שקל הקודש

Digital Clock for Synagogue

which shows the time all the times of the day according to Halacha, and also includes the count of the Omer, a countdown clock for the sunrise and the Shema reading, and additions and changes to the prayer.
שעון דיגיטלי לבית הכנסת

Memorial Screen for Synagogue

A virtual memorial board, with the possibility of entering the names of the deceased without limitation, so that everyone in the synagogue can commemorate their deceased relatives, without a space problem.
לוח זכרון לבית הכנסת

Signs for Synagogue

Fancy and luxurious signs for a shul, with unique frames with the option of illuminated signs for a shul
שלטים לבית כנסת

Screen for institutions

New! A digital board intended for institutions, which presents the yeshiva's finances in a unique way, a system that helps maintain contact with donors and community members by sending messages and more, all in an automatic and easy way.
לוח למוסדות

Notice Board for Building

A system adapted to the transmission of messages and messages from the representatives of the committee to the residents of the building, and for the ongoing management of the building.
לוח מודעות לבניין

Mikvah Screen

A digital mikvah board adapted to female purification mikvahs
לוח מקווה

Screen for Third Age

A digital board designed to help the elderly with cognitive problems, and to keep in touch with their relatives.
לוח לגיל השלישי

Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage for a synagogue designed to be installed outside the synagogue, large and impressive LED screens.
שילוט דיגיטלי חיצוני

Why work with us

Why Should You Work With Us


The most advanced software in the world, many new possibilities that have not been seen yet


A selection of spectacularly beautiful backgrounds adapted to all occasions, backgrounds to choose from according to denomination and classes


A friendly and easy-to-manage system, management option from anywhere in the world


Constant and kind support service with many recommendations


The system is automatically updated with new graphics and features, for free and without additional costs


The oldest and best-known company in Israel and around the world

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Yes, there is the possibility of an application for worshipers, the worshipers will be able to keep up to date with the prayer times and lessons, as well as new messages, etc., through their mobile phones, also when the collector changes the time of the lesson or the prayer or uploads a new message, the owner of the application will see the change made, a matter that helps connect the community in an easy-to-use manner .

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